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International payments delivered

Our solution instantly enables you to collect payments from 180+ countries in 135+ currencies with 90+ unique payment options.

Simplifying international student payments

Payment simplicity

Payment simplicity

International students can make payments through a simple 4-step process directly in their local currency via multiple payment options with access to 24/7 multilingual customer support.

Payment automation

PayMyTuition integrates directly into your institution’s Student Information System (SIS) eliminating manual intervention, swivel chair payment posting, batch file uploads and mystery payments.

AML & compliance

PayMyTuition is a regulated money transmitter in both the United States and Canada. Our enhanced AML and compliance programs ensure the highest level of confidence to both our regulators and our clients.

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International refunds

Directly integrated into your Student Information System (SIS), process full and partial international refunds while removing the need for manual and multi-journal accounting entries.

International payment plans

Offer your international students payment plans in their local currency. Our solutions integrate open banking technology and offer financial position detection to ensure availability of funds.

International vendor payments

Take control of outgoing international vendor payments with account payable automation while effectively managing and running compliance checks on all vendor account information.