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Robust & real-time integrations into Student Information Systems (SIS)

Our cloud-based solution offers real-time integration into leading Student Information Systems (SIS) offering simplicity, clarity and accessibility to data in real-time.

Frictionless payments

Our integrations offer frictionless payments without the need to sign on to multiple platforms.

Integrated experience

Our containerized integrations offer a foundation of electronic messaging offering real-time postings to Student Information Systems (SIS) and more.

Single platform

PayMyTuition provides a single online platform to manage payments, receive bills, view statements and tax forms, and receive account notifications.

Real-time visibility

Access to centralized drag and drop reporting through real-time reporting from virtually anywhere.

One integration, countless possibilities

Best-in-class integrations, built by industry experts with containerized packages to allow for seamless plug-and-play deployments.
  • Seamlessly connect to Student Information Systems (SIS) in hours not weeks!

  • Visualize - Gain up to date information with real-time updates through simple and easy to use administrative dashboards and reporting tools.

  • Link - Seamlessly integrate PayMyTuition into your Student Information System (SIS) to allow for a branded, consistent and seamless user experience your students will trust.

  • Sync - Once integrated into your Student Information System (SIS), we build the ability to fetch and standardize data enabling real-time transactional posting and reconciliation.

  • Insights - We take the pain out of manually comparing non-standardized data from different sources, ensuring greater confidence in the quality and accuracy of your reporting and reconciliation.