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PayMyTuition’s international vendor payments

PayMyTuition offers an innovative solution enabling institutions to take control of their outgoing international payments. We support payouts to over 180+ countries in 135+ currencies.

Next-generation international vendor payments

Simplify workflows

Simplify workflows

Make international payments as easy as domestic payments. Initiate and execute multi-currency transactions in a few simple steps with built-in oversight and controls.

AML & fraud prevention

PayMyTuition utilizes machine learning and biometrics to verify identity and complete compliance checks, protecting your institution from payment risk, all in real-time.

Gain FX transparency

Work with live, accurate currency quotes with payouts to over 180+ countries in 135+ currencies.

Payment security

Limit payment returns and investigations by improving the efficiency of collecting payee banking details. Our solutions offer vendor registration processes that automate the collection of banking information securely and effortlessly.

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International payments

Global capabilities managed through one integrated payment platform with payment options across 180+ countries and 135+ currencies.

International refunds

Directly integrated into your Student Information System (SIS), process full and partial international refunds while removing the need for manual and multi-journal accounting entries.

International payment plans

Offer your international students payment plans in their local currency. Our solutions integrate open banking technology and offer financial position detection to ensure availability of funds.