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Case studies

Read more about how our solutions are revolutionizing how our partner institutions send, receive, and process education payments.
  • Partnering with Auburn University for International Cross Border Tuition Payments

    Eliminating the time-consuming manual and tedious process of international students’ payments, while reducing potential delays and reconciliation issues, led Auburn University to look for an innovative payment alternative that could be compatible with its student information system, Ellucian Banner, and other vendor solutions, to simplify and streamline this taxing business process.

  • Thompson Rivers University Case Study - Resolving Payment Data Gaps

    The challenge of international wire transfers is the time frame from when the wire is initiated to when it is deposited and applied to student accounts. Payments with missing data, termed “mystery payments”, costing staff weeks of manual data matching. The school desired to gain efficiencies and student service enhancements to solve these challenges.

  • Partnering with Lethbridge College to Digitize Education Payments and Refunds

    COVID-19 exposed a gap for institutions across Canada. Lethbridge College needed to find a solution to solve for the demand of contactless, safe, and secure payments while providing efficiencies in their student payment and refund process. With rising concerns about maintaining student enrollments and preserving tuition revenue streams, the College decided to expedite its efforts to find an innovative partner to implement an all-in-one solution for education payments.

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    College of New Caledonia Case Study - Enhancing their total student payment offering

    Managing foreign payments from numerous sources and currencies has been a difficult process to administer. With the growth of the international student population at many institutions, finding a solution to manage the different financial, cultural, and institutional challenges to create a seamless process for students and institutional staff, is becoming a necessity.

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    Auburn University Case Study – Providing Choice to students within in international payments

    As Colleges and Universities look for new ideas and innovative solutions that will provide higher efficiencies and lower costs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Auburn University sought to diversify its payment options to grow its international student population by offering alternative payment choices that were innovative and cost effective to its students.

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    Partnering with The College of New Caledonia for processing cross border tuition refunds in minutes

    When it comes to providing a refund to an international student, the process is complex, costly and time intensive. The College of New Caledonia (CNC) had found it extremely difficult and time consuming to issue refunds to its international students, which represent 20 percent of its annual enrollment. CNC required an innovative and cost-effective alternative.

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