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eStore and Marketplace: Empowering Online Commerce

Empowering Online Commerce

PayMyTuition powers your digital campus storefront environment. Our eStore and Marketplace solution allows institutions to create custom eStores, registration sites, and payment pages with integrated inventory management and shipping through a single checkout process for purchases from multiple stores.

What we offer:
  • Seamless, easy and quick deployment that requires fewer institutional resources
  • Responsive and customized support from a recognized, world-class payments provider
  • Innovative solutions that provide tailored options for your students and smooth automation
  • Guaranteed compliance with all applicable regulations
  • True integration to provide real-time account information and automated messaging to users

Product Specifics:

Streamlined eStores for Effortless Shopping
: Easily create custom eStores, registration sites, and payment pages with integrated inventory management, shipping, and a secure shopping cart. This all-in-one solution ensures a seamless campus shopping experience.

Automatic Transaction Updates: Say goodbye to manual data entry. PayMyTuition's digital marketplace effortlessly updates transactions and syncs G/L accounts directly with your campus finance system. It assigns codes by store, product, or site for efficient record-keeping.

Versatile Online Marketplace: From membership dues to parking tickets and sports tickets, our marketplace caters to a wide range of online activities. It's a versatile platform designed to handle various transactions, making it an invaluable asset for your institution.

Branding Made Easy: Tailor your storefronts to reflect your brand identity. Customize style sheets, graphics, layouts, pricing, and promotions for each individual store. Department administrators can set up highly branded custom stores with unique URLs, inventory management, and checkout processes.

Comprehensive Administration Dashboard: Access all your store reports in one user-friendly dashboard. It features intuitive payment and inventory tracking modules, drag-and-drop reporting tools, management workflows, as well as notification and escalation management processes for seamless oversight.

Top-notch Security and Permissions: Rest easy knowing that PayMyTuition's eMarketplace offers secure, PCI-compliant payment processing. With one centralized and unified payment platform, your institution is safeguarded from any payments security risks or exposure. Your transactions are in safe hands.

Contact PayMyTuition to find out more about how we continue to bring next-generation solutions to the higher education market, reaching around the globe.