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International Payments: Empowering Global Transactions

Empowering Global Transactions

PayMyTuition makes international payments easy. Institutions can collect from 180+ countries, offering 135+ currencies and 90+ payment options. Students enjoy a 4-step process in their local currency with 24/7 support. Integration with your Student Information System streamlines operations, while strong compliance measures ensure secure transactions worldwide.

What we offer:
  • Seamless, easy and quick deployment that requires fewer institutional resources
  • Responsive and customized support from a recognized, world-class payments provider
  • Innovative solutions that provide tailored options for your students and smooth automation
  • Guaranteed compliance with all applicable regulations
  • True integration to provide real-time account information and automated messaging to users

Product Specifics:

Extensive Higher Ed Experience: PayMyTuition, a trusted name in higher education, facilitates international tuition payments and refunds for over 620 schools throughout North America.

Global Payment Flexibility: Our platform enables you to accept payments from 180+ countries, supporting 135+ currencies and offering 90+ diverse payment methods.

In-Country Bank Accounts: PayMyTuition offers the convenience of paying through in-country bank accounts, eliminating the need for wire transfers. This provides students and payers with a more streamlined and convenient payment experience.

User-Friendly Payment Process: International students benefit from a straightforward 4-step payment process in their local currency. They have access to multiple payment options and round-the-clock multilingual customer support.

24/7 Multilingual Support: PayMyTuition provides customer assistance in 14 different languages via various channels including chat, email, phone, SMS, Skype, and WeChat, catering to both students and school administrators.

Compliance and Regulation: As part of the MTFX Group, PayMyTuition operates as a regulated money transmitter, holding certifications from FinCEN and FINTRAC in the United States and Canada.

Efficient Payment Integration: Our solution seamlessly integrates with your institution’s Student Information System, eradicating the need for manual tasks such as payment posting and batch uploads. This helps manage overpayments according to your school's specific rules, reducing staff intervention.

Contact PayMyTuition to find out more about how we continue to bring next-generation solutions to the higher education market, reaching around the globe.