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Next Generation Solutions for eBill and ePayment

Experience the evolution of eBill and ePayment products for higher education with PayMyTuition’s innovative product solutions. Improve the customer experience by providing access to real-time, 24/7, bill information delivered by SMS (text) or email. Allow customers a choice of payment methods, either domestic or international, to expedite their response while guaranteeing cash flow for your institution.

What we offer: 
  • Seamless, easy and quick deployment that requires fewer institutional resources
  • Responsive and customized support from a recognized, world-class payments provider
  • Innovative solutions that provide tailored options for your students and smooth automation
  • Guaranteed compliance with all applicable regulations
  • True integration to provide real-time statements to users upon request by either text or email 
Product Specifics:

Real-time Integration
: Let us highlight how PayMyTuition’s integrated solution for statement generation and payment processing is deployed without significant campus resources to provide exceptional customer service. Updating accounts real-time leads to fewer inquiries from customers and better reporting for your university. 

Expedite and Guarantee Cash Flow for your Institution: Using state of the art open banking and financial position detection technology, PayMyTuition can ensure cash flow for your university by confirming available balance prior to processing payment.  

Provide for Secured Payment Information: Ensures compliance with all applicable payment regulations and provide confidence to your customers that their personal payment information cannot be accessed, mitigating risk for your institution. 

Customer Convenience and Protection: Customers will be able to schedule either domestic or international payments in advance with automated reminder messages in case they need to modify their payment. Avoid inconvenience to customers with PayMyTuition’s revolutionary use of financial position detection to ensure that customers do not experience returned payments and unexpected bank fees. 

Versatile Payment Methods: As a world-class payments vendor, PayMyTuition has the experience, knowledge, and networks that will allow your institution to choose which payment methods to offer from a wide-variety of payment sources. Security and compliance are paramount to our business model so you are assured that any risk is minimized or eliminated by using our guaranteed secure portals.