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Payment Plans: Offer students adaptable payment solutions

Payment plans are only effective if they serve both the institution’s and your students’ needs. Ensuring consistent cash flow while providing the flexibility students need and want is paramount to payment plan success and student retention. Learn how PayMyTuition has revolutionized payment plans, to assist your staff in providing what students need while reducing workload and resources needed to manage plans.

What we offer: 
  • Seamless, easy and quick deployment that requires fewer institutional resources  
  • Responsive and customized support from a recognized, world-class payments provider  
  • Innovative solutions that provide tailored options for your students and smooth automation 
  • Guaranteed compliance with all applicable regulations 
  • True integration to provide real-time account information and automated messaging to users 
Product Specifics:

Easy to Customize Payment Plans
: PayMyTuition developed a payment plan solution that allows institutions the flexibility to tailor plans to meet student needs. Use demographic information from your current student system to offer customized plans to specific cohorts, while ensuring consistent cash flow for the school. Deliver scheduled, automated messaging so that your customers stay informed with account changes, upcoming payments, and payment due dates. 

Plan Calculations that Incorporate Pending Aid: Institutions can choose which types of pending aid to include in payment plan calculations including contracts, exemptions, waivers, and either memo aid or aid as reflected in your system’s financial aid module.  

Real-time, Seamless Integration: With real-time integration, students are always viewing current account information that calculates accurate payment plan agreements. Updating accounts real-time leads to fewer inquiries from customers and better reporting for your university. Deployment is fast, seamless, and requires fewer institutional resources.  

Advanced Administrative Customer Service Center: Provide your staff with a one-stop administrative dashboard that improves their ability to serve customers effectively and reduces the need to switch between multiple service forms and screens, increasing staff efficiency.   

Convenience that Ensures Security of Payment Information: Customers can store their preferred payment method and schedule automatic payments in a system that ensures compliance with all applicable payment regulations and instills customer confidence that their payment information is completely secure. Avoid inconvenience to customers with PayMyTuition’s revolutionary use of financial position detection, ensuring customers will not experience returned payments or unexpected bank fees.

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