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The Power of Containerized Installs & Real-Time API Integration Into Your Institutions SIS

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The power of containerized installs & real-time API integration into your institution's SIS

Traditional student payment solution providers create a lot of manual strain on institution staff as their processes are highly time intensive and manually led. This is an extremely inefficient process as it puts a lot of pressure on internal resources as well as costs institutions a significant amount of investment for ongoing required customizations and updates.

Working with an innovative student payments partner that provides direct integration into a school’s student information system provides significant benefits including cost savings and reallocation of valuable staff resources with the removal of high-touch standard processes. PayMyTuition could see that institutions were having challenges with integration efficiencies and built a unique integration process that was specifically developed to address the friction points that institutions experience with traditional partners.

The goal of this unique offering is to provide institutions with a superior integration experience combined with instant access to PayMyTuition’s suite of next-generation student payments solutions, all with direct real-time integration into school’s student information systems (SIS) by way of a containerized install that removes the strain traditionally laid upon school staff.

Introducing PayMyTuition’s containerized installs

PayMyTuition’s unique containerized install is a cloud-based solution that offers real-time integration directly into the leading Student Information Systems (SIS) within the higher education category. This offering provides simplicity, clarity, and accessibility to data in real-time to colleges and universities with various industry-first innovative features including:

1. Frictionless payments: Our integrations offer multiple frictionless payments options without the need to sign on to multiple platforms.

2. Integrated experience: Our containerized integrations offer a foundation of electronic messaging offering real-time postings to Student Information Systems (SIS) and once integrated, institutions data will be fetched and standardize, enabling real-time transactional posting and reconciliation.

3. Single platform with an all-in-one dashboard: PayMyTuition provides a single online platform to manage payments, receive bills, view statements and tax forms, and receive account notifications. Institutions will gain up to date information with real-time updates through simple and easy to use administrative dashboards and reporting tools.

4. Real-time visibility: Access to centralized drag and drop reporting through real-time reporting from virtually anywhere 24/7.

5. Customization: Seamlessly integrate PayMyTuition into your Student Information System (SIS) to allow for a branded, consistent, and seamless user experience your students will trust.

6. Sophisticated integration: Best-in-class integrations, built by industry experts with containerized packages to allow for seamless plug-and-play deployments with no manual intervention required by school staff in hours not weeks!

7. Real-time insights: We take the pain out of manually comparing non-standardized data from different sources, ensuring greater confidence in the quality and accuracy of your reporting and reconciliation.

PayMyTuition’s next-generation containerized install integration enables schools to remove the traditional friction that they have been experiencing from traditional providers and is compatible, by way of a financial API, with most student information systems including ellucian Banner, ellucian Colleague, PeopleSoft, Oracle and SAP among others. With this innovative integration process, colleges and universities can experience reduced costs, data transparency, speed to market, and the ability to offer an enhanced user experience that they have never been able to adopt before.

Could your institution benefit from the services we offer?

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At PayMyTuition we solve the complex challenges that educational institutions experience with traditional ways of processing student payments with our innovative, next-generation solutions. Contact a member of our team to find out how we can remove the friction within your international or domestic student payments process while simultaneously saving staff resources and eliminating costs.